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About Us

History of Centek Industries

buildingCentek Industries began in 1962 in Boca Raton, Florida as a small manufacturer of fiberglass marine mufflers. The original company name of Vernay Plastics was changed to Vernay Products in 1964.

During this early period, Vernay developed the Vernatone which established an outstanding reputation for Vernay Products in the marine industry and which continues to be in demand by many boat builders. Vernay soon began supplying exhaust mufflers to several prestigious OEM’s and to distributors who supplied the re-fit and marine aftermarket. In 1967, Vernay Products introduced Vernatube “wet” exhaust tubing which has been UL listed continuously for over thirty years.

Continued growth and innovation produced another landmark product, the Super Vernatone. Vernay patented the Super Vernatone in 1974. The company also introduced the filament winding process for the manufacture of Vernatube about this same time. Product quality and the expanding array of products attracted worldwide attention.

The following year, Vernay introduced the Vernalift muffler for use with generators and small auxiliary sailboat engines. Sea Ray Boats and Vernay Products cooperated to modify this design for more powerful main propulsion engines. The Vernalift has many applications and is used on marine engines with ratings up to 2,000 hp.

In cooperation with Correct Craft, Centek developed and patented the Invertaflo muffler. The immediate success of this product in Ski Nautique competition ski boats drew industry attention to both Correct Craft and Centek.

Growth in both domestic and international sales required larger facilities. All operations were moved to a new 48,000 square foot plant in Thomasville, GA in 1988. In January 1994, Centek Industries, Inc purchased Vernay Products. The plant later expanded to 80,000 square feet to keep up with increasing sales and additional product lines.

From very modest beginnings, Centek has grown to be the world’s leading manufacturer of fiberglass wet marine exhaust mufflers and systems. Centek holds several patents for fiberglass marine exhaust systems and holds trademarks on seven industry standard products. Centek continues to innovate through the design of new products and through the materials and manufacturing processes used to produce the finest, most durable fiberglass marine exhaust products in the world market. Centek works constantly with marine associations, boat builders, and boaters around the world to reduce exhaust noise and pollutants, while maintaining superior quality and customer service.


aboutusCentek owes its strength and growth to the experience, imagination, and capabilities of our in-house engineering staff. A prime example is the Vernatone™ exhaust muffler that was the first FRP water-cooled marine muffler. In addition, Centek has over 14 patents and continues to lead the industry in design and innovation. Listening carefully to customers’ needs, Centek has fulfilled and/or surpassed the requirements and specifications of boat builders for almost 50 years.

The products listed in the Centek catalog represent less than 20% of the total wet marine mufflers Centek manufactures for the boat building industry worldwide. The list of custom mufflers and marine exhaust products has grown to over 14,000 specially designed units. Centek’s engineering staff offers customers over 80 years of wet marine exhaust system design and innovation experience. Centek engineers work with boat builders, marine architects, and engineers around the world to assist in determining the proper system for new or re-powered systems based on engine size, cost, and available space while providing a system that offers optimum engine performance and the best sound level and quality. Our engineers communicate with customers by computer (e-mail and CAD), fax, phone, and in person at the customer’s location to examine alternatives to identify the best approach from concept to design and installation. Utilizing the internet and state of the art 3-D software, our engineers provide the customers with dimensional model designs to “fit” the boat configuration. Most of the innovative designs in wet marine mufflers are a result of the working partnerships between Centek and its customers.

Production Facilities

Centek’s 80,000 square foot plant manufactures thousands of mufflers and parts for marine engines ranging from five to 2500 horsepower. The innovative plant design incorporates a balanced air system that provides continuous fresh air replacement and particle filtration. The facility was constructed specifically to manufacture fiberglass-reinforced plastic products and has been used as a model for similar manufacturing facilities.


aboutusCentek employees construct mufflers and components using CAD drawings. The components of finished products are made through a variety of manufacturing processes. Centek’s manufacturing processes include resin transfer molding (RTM), compression molding, hand lay-up, and filament winding. Every product delivered by Centek is totally manufactured in house Continuous inspection and testing by experienced employees and engineers assure excellence in product quality. As an example, 100% of all flow parts of the system (Y’s, T’s, angles, tube sections, and mufflers) are pressure tested prior to painting, labeling, and packaging.

Quality and Safety

aboutusAs the industry leader, Centek Industries works with laboratories, suppliers, builders, and marine groups to upgrade safety and product specifications. These groups (ASTM, ABYC, ABS, and Underwriters Laboratories) constantly address material quality, product specifications, and customer safety. Centek holds customer safety foremost in building marine mufflers and continues to work with the ABYC to upgrade product safety standards. Centek products meet or exceed ASTM-D-635 fire retardant specifications. Centek was the first to comply with these specifications and all products are classified as fire retardant and “self-extinguishing”. Vernatube, the basic product for most mufflers and many components, meets ABS certification requirements and is listed by the UL Laboratories Marine Department under Specification 699A. To maintain this approval Centek is subject to continuous and often unannounced inspections. The VERNALIFT family was designed specifically to exceed ABYC specifications for lift mufflers and is the only one to meet those specifications.

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